More than a decade before we came up with a concept of serving people for wellness with our spa services. We have served and earned a good number of guests during this time span. And now we don't need to introduce our brand anymore. Body Spa captures all the elegant flavors of bliss itself within its comforting environs. A mere passage through its corridors renders guests with a sense of relaxation and repose, unwinding their bodies and minds and preparing their souls for a transcending experience in the process. Methodical treatments with natural herbs, aromatic oils and rejuvenating lotions are peppered further with the warmth of exclusive hospitality to amplify the pristine pleasure. With its ensemble of proven therapies, expert therapists and staff, Body Spa has proven to be a benchmark in its class-the 1st choice in health, spa and leisure.

GK, New Delhi
Rajouri Garden, New Delhi
GK, New Delhi


To provide holistic healthcare and total, body wellness in a luxurious Spa environment where, the services will soothe the body, mind and soul, leave the skin glowing, relax the muscles, lift tension away, and invigorate internal energy. To relax, rejuvenate, revitalize, recover and renew your body between busy schedules without leaving town.


To use 100% natural herbs, essential oils, natural aromas, lotions and wraps externally on the body while reconditioning the body using the body meridians and pressure points internally and provide relaxing and healing services using proven therapies provided by qualified therapists in a place of serenity, where senses are invigorated, the mind relaxed and the body uplifted to a peaceful euphoria.


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